Earthy Elegance

Lost Wax Casting

  Stephanie Hocking was raised predominately in Shepparton Victoria. Surrounded by artistic parents – her father, Tim Hocking is a master potter – and an inherent love of tinkering with found objects, drawing and crafting, she went on to study Applied Arts (Ceramics) at Monash University and Visual Arts (Painting) at Victoria University.
In 2003 Stephanie left Australia to live and work in the United Kingdom, exploring parts of Europe and eventually
finding her way to China where she taught English in various schools. Returning from abroad in 2007, Stephanie met Jan Donaldson, PhD (Fine Art). Jan  became a great inspiration, teaching Stephanie how to manipulate metal, and ultimately influencing her decision to pursue further studies in jewellery making and design.

Ginkoh Jewellery was officially born in 2010. Ginkoh is the realisation of Stephanie’s influences - including the recycling and generation of unique forms both from and inspired by nature, the human form and found objects - and has from its inception been a 'free-range' production of handcrafted metalwork.

 Stephanie's adventurous use of metals, stones and natural materials, combined with innovative design and a love for the process of handcrafting jewellery saw Ginkoh continue to gain momentum opening a retail space in 2013-2015 Ginkoh Studio and Gallery in Torquay. The space afforded an opportunity for people to see how Ginkoh pieces are crafted from start to finish and meet the woman behind the creative magic. It was an influential period for Stephanie, allowing her to meet unique people and take challenging and obscure commissions which have ultimately helped her develop and refine her craft, cementing her enthusiasm for making jewellery.

In 2014 Stephanie completed further studies in Visual Arts with Jan Donaldson. She continues to sell and exhibit unique pieces, as well as taking commissions for personalised jewellery items for engagements, weddings and special occasions. All produced on the Great Ocean Road, South Coast of Victoria, Ginkoh Jewellery presents a variety of contemporary pendants, earrings, bracelets, buckles, cufflinks, rings and many more original men’s and women’s jewellery.