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April 08, 2015 S H

I love the process of making something – To imagine an idea then build it with your hands is most satisfying.
The majority of my works are one of a kind pieces made with crafted and collected objects being brought together. Lost wax casting is the single most exciting Jewellery making process I have learnt and remains the area I explore the most. It allows me to cast in a variety of metals and capture nature’s unique detail while allowing me to freely develop interesting forms.
I create what I find beautiful and intriguing to collect and involve in my work. I highlight Natural Textures and Forms, Recycling & Figurative.
I make, as I believe in doing what you love. Often Jewellery has personal meanings and it gives me a lot of pleasure in the ability to share individual happiness.
Creating in metal makes my world go round, its everyday perfecting designs and developing ideas, gathering necessary tools and materials. When you wear my Jewellery I’m totally chuffed to be part of your world and thankful you are part of mine. Cheers X

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